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  • “Growing up Bilingual”
    “Growing up Bilingual” a serene , English speaking environment for your children to grow up in
  • Interactive Whiteboard

    The interactive whiteboard aids concentration and stimulates the children’s participation through the communicative power of imagery

  • Learning is a lifelong journey which begins in childhood and lasts a lifetime

Il Cucciolo boasts 1500 square-meters of garden and an adjacent car park, reserved for parents. Our goal is to offer a quality service, an environment where children are free to develop at their own pace and in accordance with their own interests.

Il Cucciolo, began as an Early Childhood socio-educational service and is constantly being renewed, it has a deeply rooted culture which is dedicated to the care and development of children as well as to the training and professional growth of its educators.

Thanks to 35 years experience in education and to its dedicated staff, the only fully accredited and recognized bilingual English Primary School was established in 2013 and forms part of an extensive educational project aimed at offering continuity from Nursery to Primary School.