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Job Opportunities

We are seeking qualified and experience Italian and English mother tongue teacher.

To teach English we only accept American or English mother tongue candidates with a degree in arts, science and music, geography or sports.

We also accept teaching certificates for teaching English as a foreign language. Experience is necessary.

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"Your CV made a good enough impression for you to be invited to an interview… well done – you’ve passed the first test in clinching that dream job. Now it’s time for you to shine in person, and the hard, cold truth of the matter is that appearances really do count where interviews are concerned. Making an effort at this stage is a sure-fire way of showing that you care. Turning up for an interview appropriately dressed sends a clear signal that you are serious about getting the job. Get it wrong and you risk making it difficult for the interviewers to imagine you in the role that you’re applying for – regardless of how perfect for it you might be!"

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