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Our Staff

Chiara Casali
Project manager

After a brief period at the Goethe Institute in Munich, Bavaria, Dr. Chiara Casali devoted herself to the development of the School for Interpreters and Translators in Pisa. With the help of skilled professionals and teachers she developed an innovative program of study in 2003, reforming the Bachelor's degree and obtaining recognition and leading to the transformation of the SSIT, School for Language Mediators (www.mediazionelinguistica.it), a college which is recognized and esteemed nationally. Since 2005, working with her team of capable staff, she dedicated her time to the start up of 'Il Cucciolo', a Nursery and Preschool in Lucca obtaining official recognition from the Municipality of Lucca. From 2012- 13 she launched of the first bilingual primary school in Lucca. This innovative school follows the Italian ministerial curriculum bilingually, 50% in English and 50 % in Italian and it's staff have over 16 years of experience in the teaching sector.

Sara Parpinelli
Born in 1980, on completion of her studies she worked for the family owned Museum Lu.CCA - Lucca Center of Contemporary Art, coordinating educational workshops and museum activities
Sara is responsible for coordinating the schools activities and will be your contact person for all your needs; Working with the teachers to ensure the proper functioning of the Cucciolo and English Primary School, she will take the education and well-being of your children to heart.

Lorenzo Bellofatto
Marketing Director
Since 2014, after 6 years experience in the field of management and promotion of projects dedicated to postgraduate specialist training, Lorenzo has been involved in the start up and ongoing activities of the Bilingual schools of Lucca dealing with communication and marketing, bringing a new perspective to the project, focused on integrating online and offline communication and activities of web and social media marketing.

Valentina Torricelli
Valentina was born in Pontremoli (Ms) 7/31/1981; after obtaining her high school diploma (languages studied: English, French and German) she held various roles in the service and tourism sector while simultaneously working in the small family business.
In 2014 she joined the Esedra group for the startup of our four-year International high school. Today she is employed as the secretary both for the Liceo Internazionale Quadriennale (International high school ) and the bilingual schools.

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