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Bilingual English Primary School… to learn and grow… together

Thanks to 35 years experience in education and to it’s dedicated, motivated staff, the fully accredited and recognized bilingual English Primary School, was established in 2013.

It adopts a ‘full Immersion’ approach to the second language, in order to develop bilingualism and facilitate the acquisition of a second language, in this case Italian, as a parallel mother tongue in a short time. Within the school, both languages and cultures occupy an important place and the children are encouraged to feel proud and special regarding their ability to communicate in more than one language.

The bilingual School accepts pupils from 5 and a half years of age to 10 years of age and, unlike other institutes, half the curriculum is taught by native English-speaking teachers and half in Italian by qualified Italian teachers.

Learning is a journey which lasts a lifetime and begins in childhood.

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