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Timetable Primary School

English Primary School has opted for a Monday to Friday week.

Educational and recreational activities are organised as follows: 8.20am. - 1.30 pm. or 4.30 pm. or 5.30 pm.
It is also possible to drop the children off at the school early, between 7.30 a.m. and 8.00 a.m. subject to requests from a sufficient number of families and at an additional cost.

Year groups are composed of a maximum number of 15 pupils

Time Table

 Italian 8
 Math 7
 English 8
 History and Geography 3
 Science and Technology 3
 Music 3
 Art  3
 Physical Education 3
 Religion 2

Annual Calendar
Bilingual English Primary School is open from September to June, from Monday to Friday in accordance with the school calendar issued each year by the Region of Tuscany.
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